Non-Aligned Interests

34 k done.

fat man handstand?

okay, I am not fat.  I am 6 feet and 190.  But I am not cut.  I could lose 20 lbs and not look anorexic right.   So that is what I mean by fat.

So can a fat person do a handstand.  I have been doing the crow for a year.  I got it down man.  But the handstand, I am afraid to even try.

Anyways, anyone have a picture of a ‘fat’  (as defined above please take no offense) person doing a handstand.

21k.  107 min.  Real nice.


So some people are doing the 366 days of running this year.  Whooppddeeeeedooooooo.

I did a streak, the runners world streak, thanksgiving to new years.  I didn’t run January 2, 2012.  So good streak I guess.  It was fun.  It was motivational.  Glad it got over though as I get a little OCD about these things.

WHAT GOT ME THOUGH was the people out running a mile a day.  Okay.  Good right.  Certainly it is good.  It is better than nothing.  But a lot of these people were getting in like 10-14 miles a week.  Oh, yeah.  Great. 

Right.  So better than nothing.  It is.  but it isn’t cause to dance on a roof flashing the nearest helicopter.   It is marginally better than nothing. 

So, I have a little bit of disonence around this.  Because I am an advocate of better than nothing.  Fuck.  10 minutes a day is better than nothing and probably help you live longer, be healthier and have hotter more satisfying sex (which is what it is all about anyways).

Perhaps I shouldn’t begrudge people their perceived greatness.  IF they didn’t feel like they are doing something they would stop.  Don’t stop.

BUT, consider that perhaps a consistent 50k a week training program that has you running 4-6 days a week may be better for you than skipping the 5th of 5 beers so you can run around the pub 10 times and get your mile in. 



I am not sure if this is an advertisement for running or not.



I am not sure if this is an advertisement for running or not.

95k this week.

I have boundless energy. Less than 7 hours sleep, 30 k 3 hour run, 50 min of yoga, 2 beer, god I feel awesome

30k run. Guilt free beer.


There are so many fake Martial Artist out there in the world and it’s sad.

1) Your not part of a real gym or dojo.
2) More then half of your knowledge comes from YouTube and DVDs.
3) If you never competed or tested your training against other Martial Artisit i.e tournaments or inside a dojo.

#6, sitting around on tumblr judging whether people are real martial artists or not.  Check yourself sensei.  And check your spelling.

is anyone else having a really hard time bouncing back after the holidays?


Anytime I let go of my sugar habit, a holiday has to come along and remind me why chocolate is so fantastic.

and now here i am.. watching the biggest loser while eating ice cream.

Seriously, I need to be tamed

This is a serious problem.  Every year it is the same for me.  Get through the holidays fine, then Jan 1 comes and I am like, just fuck it all.  Feeling a little better now though.  Just get out there and get it done.  Fake it till you make it right.